Paris Apartment

Located within the 4th arrondissement of Paris, near the Place de Bastille, Paris Apartment is situated in the prominent baroque Hotel de Sagonne, designed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1668 as his personal Parisian residence. Converted from a single residence into multiple apartments in the mid-20th century, the unit underwent a partial renovation in the 1970s, which significantly altered some of the original architectural details. The Hotel de Sagonne is protected under the highest level of heritage classification in Paris, and any alterations are meticulously reviewed to maintain its historic features.

The interior design of the apartment strikes a balance between restoring key architectural elements of historical significance and removing later additions, whilst adding modern amenities in a contemporary style. The original elements are preserved with respect, rather than mimicked. The client’s extensive collection of Australian and International art is showcased throughout the apartment, including digital pieces displayed on monitors set into the wall. European furniture complements the art collection, adding to the overall aesthetic of the space.

A white colour scheme evokes a warm and soft atmosphere in most rooms, including the formal living space, which is accented with organic beige sofas and bold pastel artwork. The use of new timber floorboards unifies the apartment by eliminating clashing floor finishes and level changes from earlier periods.

Expressing a bold and contemporary statement, the kitchen is imbued in black timber and nero marquina marble. The concealed detailing and integrated appliances result in a geometric sculptural feel that emphasises a central and symmetrical niche. An informal dining area and framed artwork completes the space.

The formal dining space serves as the heart of the home, with the foyer, kitchen, and living room branching off from it. The salmon hue used in the space was drawn from the baroque grotesque forms framed in the mouldings, accentuating the panels. Above the dining room table hangs a custom chandelier by Nathalie Ziegler Pasqua, which enhances the grandeur of the room and complements the overall aesthetic. By introducing a new wall between the formal dining and master robe, a hidden bar clad in magenta mirror complements the striking colour of the room.

The study, painted charcoal with charcoal furnishings, provides a momentary pause in the transition between the formal living room and the master bedroom. The visual intimacy of the dark space, provides a level of privacy to the master bedroom and acts as an informal lounge area.

The expansive master bedroom situates the bed as a central monolithic element that divides the space. The master ensuite is elegantly designed with 3mm of white marble adhered to an aluminium honeycomb substrate, which allows for a robust yet light finish in an old building with limited supporting structure.

Paris Apartment is a respectful and complementing dialogue between the contemporary elements and faithfully restored heritage features throughout the home. By combining the past of Paris with the present of Parisian and Australian architecture, the space is a harmonious balance of history and modernity.




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