Aerial Apartments

Sited on the southwest corner of Camberwell Junction, this project is bounded by Riversdale Road and Burke Road, at their intersection with Camberwell Road. As a principal activity centre, the scale and intensity of the junction provide an opportunity for an architectural statement that further reinforces the prominence of this landmark location. In direct response to this, the new building has been conceived as an architectural gesture that will make a dynamic contribution to its location.

A podium structure has been generated in line with the height of the Heritage Bank building. It curves in from the existing footpath and aligns with the existing buildings at either end of the site. The highest point of the apartment tower references heights in the adjacent buildings while the western apartments mediate the height change between the tallest apartment building and the church. A view to the church turret is maintained from the junction.

Designed as a sinuous sculpted structure, the building has been split into podium and apartment elements. These elements physically describe the different uses within the development and employ changes in height and setbacks to alter the perception of the building’s size from different angles. In perspective, no entire elevation is viewed at once.

The dominant architectural expression of the podium is the undulating ribbon-like screen. It acts as a visual link between the Church and Heritage Bank buildings and creates a tactile backdrop. The ribbon, coupled with the recessed ground floor glazing, gives the podium a floating quality and provides shelter from wind and rain.

Above podium level, the residential towers are designed to complement each other and be differentiated by subtle variations in form, colour and detail. Each apartment volume is distinguished with a different shade of green glass. Extended mullions are used for screening and altering the façade depth of the different apartment buildings.

The majority of the apartments have city views, as well as views across the landscaped podium roof and the surrounding picturesque rooftops and tree canopies. Circular voids have been provided within the podium building to allow fresh air and natural light deeper into the plan.




Hawthorn East / Woiworung Country


Multi Residential


Glenn Hester, Lachlan Anderson