Celebrating 40 Years of Wood Marsh

This year marks a significant milestone for our studio; we are celebrating 40 years of Wood Marsh.

In 1983, the collaboration between Roger Wood and Randal Marsh commenced as the two came together to design their first project(s) Choong House, McFadyen House, Inflation Nightclub and Macrae & Way Film. Challenging the fundamental ideas of architecture at the time, these early works began to build the foundations of the practice’s philosophies which inform the work of the studio to this day.

Through the years of practice, Wood Marsh’s clarity in vision has resulted in an approach that is distinctively sculptural in form and evocative in experience. The work is intrinsically linked to site, often resulting in effortlessly curving structures made from timeless materials and fine architectural detailing.

As a practice we have had the great opportunity to apply this methodology at various scales from numerous intimate family homes (Gottlieb House, Light House, Portsea House and Towers Road House) to some of Melbourne’s largest infrastructure projects (Eastlink, Geelong Ring Road and Regional Rail Link).

Since its inception our work was synonymous with fine art. Commissions such as Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) and the Australian Pavilion in China have given us the opportunity to develop radically sculptural ideas locally and internationally.

It has been an honour to be a part of some of Melbourne hospitality institutions from the early days (and wild nights) at Inflation Nightclub and Metro Nightclub to refined venues in Port Phillip Estate, Mansion Hotel and Kisume.

Our multi residential towers (Yve Apartments, Balencea Apartments, Yarra’s Edge, Tower V and Abian Tower) are now part of the ever-changing skylines in Melbourne and Brisbane.

As a studio, as well as to Roger and Randal, these projects (and many more) are representative of personal relationships formed over years. Every project represents clients who commission the work, many of whom live and work in the buildings currently. Every seamless detail was engineered and built by an extraordinary team builders and crafts.

The work is a testament to the people of Wood Marsh – the talented individuals who have been a part of our studio past and present.

Benefiting from 40 years of experience, Wood Marsh’s recently completed and current work show the commitment to forward thinking in contemporary architecture.

Wood Marsh’s design for the Westgate Tunnel is currently under construction as another one of the city’s largest infrastructure projects – our largest public sculpture to date. Our collaboration with the Level Crossings Removal Project is helping connect communities in Coburg and Preston. We have a series of residential houses and multi residential projects looking at how people live more sustainably in the future.

As we celebrate 40 years, we’d like to share a little more about the projects that form the foundations of Wood Marsh and quite a bit more about the ones that will look towards the future of Wood Marsh.